Social Empires Hack v.2.1

Posted by admin | On: Nov 30 2012

Social Empires Review

Social Empires looks to take elements found in real-time strategy games and simplify them for Facebook. While the concept is sound, everything else falls apart rather quickly.

While most modern real-time strategy games have moved on from the small ideas and innovations found in the original Warcraft series, the core elements that made up the series serve as the foundation. In Social Empires, you’ll start with a small camp and a few villagers to build food-producing farms, harvest gold mines, and chop trees to collect the resources necessary to form an army. Buildings, such as a barracks, will also need to be completed in order to expand the army. Once finished, these buildings can produce valuable soldiers and archers needed for combat.

Hack v.2.1 Features

- Gold Hack

- Food Hack

- Wood Hack

- Stone Hack

- Cash Hack

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