Dueling Blades [Tools Hack] v.1.1

Posted by admin | On: Dec 05 2012

Dueling Blades Review

If you’d asked me a week ago, I probably would have denied the likelihood of finding an innovative fighting game in today’s casual market. Even sensations like Nekki’s Shadow Fight present clever spins on old ideas, and the challenges thus seem to lie in translating the successes of other platforms onto mobile devices or Facebook. So imagine my surprise when I started playing Dueling Blades and found an hour zipping by before my realizing it (after I ran into the inevitable energy wall). It’s fun. It’s challenging. And it’s what the casual fighting genre has needed for a while.

[Tools Hack] Features:

- Action Points Generator

- Gold Generator

- Undetected [Proof]

- Ghost Mode

Download Dueling Blades [Tools Hack] v.1.1

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  1. Sfens291 says:

    Yeah, this is, what i needed ;)

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